Alabama SR22 Insurance

In the state of Alabama, SR22 insurance is required for individuals who have been convicted or found guilty of a drunk driving offense in court.  SR22 insurance is what most people would consider to be a high risk type of insurance.  The insurance company is required to provide the state of Alabama DMV with all the proper forms and will file the SR22 forms with the DMV office.

The local DMV office will not be able to give you your license back or allow you to register a vehicle without the an SR22.  With most individuals who are required to carry an SR22 they are required to hold onto it for an amount of typically 3 years.  The 3 year mark will be from the date that your driving privilege was reinstated allowing for you to drive.

When you are filing for an SR22 you will have to meet the minimum state requirements prior to allowing to have your privileges back.  The minimum requirements in Alabama are $25,000 bodily injury per person while the limit is $50,000 for two or more passengers who are in the car with you.  The property damage for the vehicle that you are in is $25,000

The bodily injury claim that you must meet a minimum of $25,000 is for the occurrence of a serious or permanent injury that someone sustains while in a accident with you driving.  The same is true when someone in the accident dies from the crash.  The maximum payout is capped out at $50,000 and must be divided among the individuals involved in the accident.  While a person tries to sue you regarding an accident, the insurance company will provide the legal representation for you in court to handle all problems that arise from the accident.

The property damage will provide coverage for the driver and whomever is driving the vehicle in the case of an accident.  If you or a family member are driving and involved in a accident the insurance company will pay for damages occurred from the accident up to $25,000.  If there is damages above and beyond that you will be responsible for the remaining money owed.

You should know that if you are required to hold an SR22 in Alabama you are not able to allow your insurance to lapse at any point. If your policy lapses then the insurance company is responsible for informing the DMV office of the lapse in coverage. You can however transfer your SR22 insurance from one company to another just so long as if you do not cancel your policy from one to another allowing for a single day of coverage to lapse. It is best that you have one insurance company call another in order to keep your policy from lapsing.

You will also be able to get non-owner coverage which covers you when you are allowed to drive any one’s motor vehicle.  If you drive an assortment of family members vehicles then you might want to make sure that this type of insurance coverage is what you get when seeking to get insured in Alabama.