Alaska SR22 Insurance

An Alaskan SR22 insurance policy is required to be possessed by individuals who have had encounters with the police in regards to traffic violations, or for those who have committed serious felonies such as DUI. An SR22 is a type of insurance policy that is more of a contract. An SR22 guarantees that the buyer will continue to pay for their insurance. An SR22 policy must be filed to the Alaskan Division of Motor Vehicles along with proof of insurance.

Federal offenses, such as being convicted of a DUI, will result in jail time. The Alaska SR22 mandate will then go into effect after the jail time is served. This period of time is three years for first time offenders. Repeat offenders will receive more harsh limitations. Their sentences will double for each offense that occurs after five years. Alaska SR22 insurance will require a modest amount of money to maintain, but it still does not cost as much as auto insurance.