Arkansas SR22 Insurance

An insurance company is required by law to file an SR22 policy with the Division of Motor if it is required to be carried by one of their drivers. An SR22 policy compliments an auto insurance policy in that it provides proof of a financial commitment between the driver and the insurance company. This allows the DMV to know that a driver is guaranteed to have insurance because they have proven to be prone to accident, or they have failed to provide proof of insurance when pulled over by the police.

Arkansas SR22 insurance is mandatory for drivers who have been convict of driving under the influence, or have failed to provide proof of insurance to the police. These offenders are required to hold the policy with their insurance company for a minimum of three years. SR22 insurance can be somewhat costly, even for first offenders. A driver who has to supplement their current auto insurance with an SR22 form can expect to pay an additional four to six hundred dollars per year. The best way to avoid this is to no commit offenses and to always have proof of insurance, but should an offense occur, there are ways to lower your rates. Many DMVs offer classes that can help to lower your rates.

In Arkansas, second time offenders are treated with more strict limitations than first time offenders. If a second offense occurs then the driver is required to hold the policy for five years. Offenses that occur after the second essentially multiply the sentence by two, so it would be ten years for a third offense, and twenty for a fourth. Offenders who commit more than four offenses will either have their licenses terminated upon court judgement or will be required to hold an the insurance policy for life.

In order to make the process more efficient, the DMV will require that the driver and insurance company file their policies with the DMV on a regular basis. The driver may have to change companies if they are unable to prove they have an SR22 and when filed, it is required to be filed with the auto insurance policy. Filing separately can result in a fine of up to twenty five dollars. Lastly, the policy must be carried throughout the state of Arkansas whenever driving, and failure to provide it upon request will result in a longer mandatory sentence.