Georgia SR22 Insurance

General Georgia SR22 information:

SR22 Insurance is a policy required in many states for drivers that are considered to be a high risk.  Georgia uses it as a way of showing financial responsibility for those drivers who have been charged with either one or more driving offense.

In the state of Georgia SR22 insurance needs to be purchased by drivers who have had a DUI or a DWI.  It is also needed for those with repeated violations, for those who have let many tickets accumulate without paying them, a suspended license, and a license that has been revoked.  In every case the driver is responsible for filing an SR22 form, which can be typically done electronically.

Most insurance companies provide this kind of policy, and there are also some that specialize in it.  As with most states the policy must be held for three years without interruption, but this can also change depending on what the violation is.  If there is any lapse in coverage, or if you decide to cancel the policy, the insurance company is required to send the state of Georgia a notice.  A lapse in coverage means that at a minimum the state can suspend the drivers license again, but there is also the possibility of other penalties.  It will also start the 3 year period of required coverage all over again.

In the state of Georgia, SR22 insurance is usually required even after the first offense and is definitely required after multiple offences.  This is the same concept as an SR22, but it has even more restrictions.

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