Hawaii SR22 Insurance

In Hawaii, the SR22 is used to help monitor the auto insurance of problem drivers.  It is also called the certificate of financial responsibility.  An auto insurance company must file the SR22 certificate to show that the problem driver has active liability insurance.  No mail notifications of any kind is sent regarding SR22 to the driver, since the responsibility is on the insurance company and the driver, to ensure that the proper documentation regarding current liability, including renewals, is kept up to date.

Three types of certificates exist in Hawaii:

• A certificate that proves financial responsibility in cases where the driver is not also the owner of the vehicle.
• A certificate that proves financial responsibility in cases where the driver owns the vehicle.
• A certificate that proves financial responsibility for every vehicle, whether owned or not owner by the driver.

The SR22 is required in situations where:

• A driver had his driving privileges suspended for any reason.  An example is, an uninsured driver who was previously a party to an accident, and never paid the fine he was assessed, then that driver would be required to file the sr22, before being allowed to renew his driving license.
• If a driver was previously convicted of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
• In cases where insurance supervisions have been made mandatory.
• In cases where a driver had accumulated a large number of driving violations and his driving license was suspended or revoked as a result.

To obtain SR22 insurance in Hawaii a driver must:

• Request an SR22 filing from a state-licensed insurance company.
• Pay the insurance company a processing fee.  This fee varies with different companies, so a driver can shop around for the best rates.
• Obtain at least the minimum liability required by Hawaiian law which is – $20,000 liability for the death or injury of a person, $40,000 for the injury or death of 2 or more persons, property damage coverage of $10,000 and personal injury coverage of $10,000.
• After the SR22 request is submitted, it is immediately sent to Hawaii’s Secretary of State for processing.
• If and when accepted, the driver will receive the SR22 from the insurance company and also a Secretary of State acceptance letter.
• The certificate must be kept active for a minimum of 3 years, and the driver is required by law to renew no later than 15 days prior to its expiration otherwise the insurance company will report the delinquency to the State, which will promptly suspend the driver’s license, until the driver reinstates the certificate.