Idaho SR22 Insurance

If you have been tagged as a high-risk driver, you have probably been asked to submit an SR22 form. This form is needed by your insurance company to submit to the local DMV in order to have proper coverage. High risk drivers are considered those who have had their license revoked due to various violations such as drunk driving, to many moving violations in a short period of time, or several unpaid fines.

If you have been labeled one of these drivers in the state of Idaho, you will be required to submit an SR22 form to your insurance provider. This is the only way you will be allowed to reinstate your drivers license. Unfortunately your insurance rates will go up. The good news is that we can help find you the cheapest price in Idaho.

Idaho SR22 insurance is different than your regular auto insurance. It is considered an ad-on coverage. After you have acquired SR22 insurance, your current auto insurance company will submit your certificate to the local DMV. This ensures DMV that you are now covered in case of an accident.

There is an extra fee that must be paid to submit the form. This will cost you anywhere between $25 and $50. Once your coverage is excepted, you will have to maintain this coverage for three years. It is important that you do not lose this coverage, as your auto insurance company is required by law to notify DMV if you are not properly covered.

If you are living in the state of Idaho, and you have been asked to submit an SR22 form to reinstate your drivers license, you may want to shop around for different quotes or even simpler, use our quotes form at the top of this page. Unfortunately SR22 insurance is not cheap, but it is necessary if you want to continue driving.