Minnesota SR22 Insurance

Even though Minnesota does not require drivers to carry SR22 insurance you are still usually required to carry an SR22 if you have moved from a state that you were previously required to carry an SR22. This is because you must still meet the requirements legally mandated by your former state.

One common event that could prompt this request is involvement in a vehicular accident without insurance coverage.  In that instance, and without payment in full for the damages, the SR22 would usually be considered appropriate.  Other frequent causes are the revocation of a drivers’ license, or if a person has been convicted three or more times of failing to provide the legally required amount of vehicular insurance.  Additionally, if a civil judgement was awarded against a person as the result of an uninsured accident, or in any case that included mandatory insurance supervision, may facilitate the need for an SR22.

The three available choices for an SR22 are similar.  The first, and arguably most common, covers financial responsibility for an owned vehicle.  The second option covers a driver who is operating a vehicle that he or she does not own.  The third alternative covers all vehicles that are operated by the driver, regardless of ownership.

Although the SR22 may not be particularly hard to acquire, it is very important to remain in good standing once it has been approved.  There is no guarantee that if revoked, it would be reinstated.  The granting of an SR22 is a privilege granted by the State of Minnesota, it is not a right.

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