Mississippi SR22 Insurance

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A Mississippi SR22 insurance policy is required by state law to be issued to drivers who have committed certain traffic violations.  A couple of the most severe forms of these traffic violations are a DUI/DWI or multiple, at fault, accidents.   One of the things to keep in mind is that SR22 insurance is a completely different policy than regular auto insurance.  This means that if you are required to get an SR22 policy, then you also have to maintain your current auto insurance as well and unfortunately, it will cost a little bit more than your regular policy.

For first time convicted offenders, the policy will be required to be maintained for three years.  Offenses that warrant the mandate to acquire an SR22 car insurance policy include failure to provide proof of insurance, DUI, and when involved in an accident when you have no auto insurance.  Uninsured drivers face strict penalties when involved in a car accident.  Not only will they have to pay for the damages that they caused out of their own pocket, but the state will also suspend the driver’s license for an extended period of time.  If convicted of DUI the law requires at least a six month driver suspension, as well as possible fines and jail time.

Policies must be paid on time, and remain active for the entire time that it is required to be held.  The certificate that is received by the offender must be sent to the DMV along with their current auto insurance information.  The policy is simply an agreement between driver and insurer of financial responsibility, so the driver is bound by a contract to pay for the insurance in the future.  If the policy is terminated for any reason whatsoever, then the Mississippi Division of Motor Vehicles must be notified immediately.  Failure to notify the DMV may result in the suspension of the driver’s license.

For first time offenders, the amount of time policy must be held is a minimum of three years.  Second offenders that are convicted of DUI will face a ten year sentence thereafter, and then any further offenses will result in the permanent closure of the driver’s record.  For less severe offenses, the duration is three, five, ten, fifteen, and then twenty years.