Nebraska SR22 Insurance

Drivers in the United States are required to be covered by a minimum level of liability insurance. The state of Nebraska is no exception, as drivers are expected to have a liability insurance cover to be eligible to drive. The acquired insurance represents Proof of Financial Responsibility, which is required by all drivers in in the state. Drivers are expected to carry certificates of insurance anytime they drive. The minimum required insurance amount depends on the classification of the driver and their vehicle.

The required proof that has to be submitted to the motor department is known as the Nebraska SR22 filling and is for people who have had their licenses revoked or suspended due to certain offenses. The state requires drivers whose licenses were revoked or suspended due to DUI offenses, court convictions, or accumulation of points and certain other administrative actions to prove to the State department of vehicles, that all vehicles you own are insured. Whether you own a pick-up, car, motorcycle or van, you will need to update your SR22 insurance and show proof to the motor vehicle department. If you don’t own a vehicle, you will be required to purchase a non-owner SR22 insurance policy.

Either you or your insurance provider will have to mail or personally send the SR-22 filling to the Department of Motor Insurance for review. You would have to inform your insurance provider of your need of an SR-22 filling. Fax or photo copies are not accepted from individuals, faxed fillings would only be accepted from your insurance company. To be accepted the SR-22 has to contain your full names, identification information, a valid insurance policy number, complete addresses, name of insurance provider and effective dates applicable to the policy. The SR-22 has to be duly signed by a representative from your insurance company, whose signature has been authorized with the department of motor vehicles by the insurance company.

For out-of-state residents, the department of motor vehicles requires that an out-of-state SR22 filling be submitted by your SR22 insurance provider from their home office. A cover letter, on a letterhead should accompany the filling. The cover letter is expected to provide a contact name and a phone number from the Underwriting Office, in case of any arising issues concerning the filling. The letter would also have to provide documentation to indicate that the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles would be notified if the policy is canceled for any reason.