New Jersey SR22 Insurance

Driving Under the Influence is a very serious criminal offense and if you are charged with a DUI in the state of New Jersey you can face severe penalties such as driving license suspension, heavy financial fine and even imprisonment.  If you want to avoid all these unwanted situations then, you will need to obtain reliable SR22 insurance.

Very few people are aware of what SR22 insurance is and the laws vary from state to state.  Each state has its own particular rules and regulations governing its requirements. 

The following is a detailed description of the process in the state of New Jersey

New Jersey requires automobile insurance and one can lose their license for DUI/DWI, having multiple tickets or accidents or that the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) requires the driver to have one.  SR22 insurance is the term for a paper that is issued to indicate that the driver has met all the requirements to have their license reinstated.

There are also other penalties for the above violations.  These are fines, suspension of one’s license or even prison depending on other factors.  These can range from driving while your license is revoked to numerous accidents and this is usually up to the discretion of the judge.

When one is ready to have their license reinstated, there are steps that must be followed.  One should obtain a copy of their driving record from the Division of Motor Vehicles (a $15 fee applies if done online, in person or through the mail).  Next a call should be made to the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out the fee to be charged, which is usually around $55.00.  If one pays all services with cash, a credit card, money order or cashier’s check, if all other requirements are fulfilled, the license will be issued on the spot at DMV.

Remember if you are getting your license that New Jersey has a six point system.  You must have the documents to qualify for the six points in order to have your license reinstated.  A listing of these points can be obtained at the DMV office, on the website or by calling any DMV office.

In order to revoke your suspended license, you need to present the proof of a valid SR22 insurance policy in front of local DMV authorities.  Once the state government and DMV authorities approve the proof of your minimum liability coverage then you become eligible to get back your suspended license and permission to drive again.

The approval of means you have already filled out an SR22 form and submitted it to your local department of motor vehicles.  Before submitting the form, you actually need to find a reliable local vehicle insurance company that can provide you the required insurance policy at low premiums.  So basically, you have to first find out how much insurance you need in order to compensate the DUI charges and then you have to find an insurance company that can provide you the necessary policy.  Once the insurance company approves you the insurance company agents verify your policy and sends the related documents to DMV.