New Mexico SR22 Insurance

In the state of New Mexico an SR22 insurance is not required therefore you will not be required to carry an SR22 if you commit any of the following offense in the state of New Mexico. However, if you have an SR22 from another state which does require an SR22 and decide to move to New Mexico you will be required by law to acquire the same SR22 Insurance in the state of New Mexico. This universal law applies to most states in the United States. There are few exceptions where the SR22 does not carry over however, New Mexico is not one of those exceptions.

The SR22 is essentially a document which shows proof of your financial responsibility. Generally an SR22 is required if you have been caught driving without insurance. In some states an SR22 is associated with a DUI/drunk driving, at-fault accidents without insurance, repeat traffic violations in a short period and license suspensions or revoked licenses. An SR22 is required for a set amount of time which depends on the type of offense and the state.

SR22 insurance can be costly and in the state of New Mexico and is available from several major providers. Keep in mind that if moving to New Mexico with an SR22 you will need to meet the coverage requirements of the previous state where the offense was committed regardless of what the new coverage laws or requirements are in the state of New Mexico.

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