North Dakota SR22 Insurance

In the state of North Dakota, there are laws in place that make it so that uninsured drivers, drivers that are convicted of DUI, and drivers that lose their license due to repeated tickets or accidents are required to file an SR22 with the Division of Motor Vehicles. An SR22 form is basically a contract between the insurance company and the offender that guarantees that the offender has purchased their insurance, and has agreed to continue to pay for it for the duration of the SR22 sentence. Drivers must maintain their SR22 insurance for the entire duration of the sentence, any missed deadlines or failure to inform the DMV of a policy change will result in a license suspension.

SR22 insurance in North Dakota does cost extra money, but it does not cost as much as auto protection insurance. A driver that has lost or destroyed their vehicle must still pay for insurance. While auto insurance may not be required, they will be required by law to obtain SR22 insurance. The state also requires a certain amount of liability coverage for their driver’s insurance. If a driver is found to be driving without this liability, then they can be issued with an sr22. Some of the smaller insurance companies can’t afford to supply this much liability, so if an SR22 is required, then you will be forced to change insurance companies.

For first time offenders, a policy is required to be held for three years. For drivers that are convicted of DUI, then they will have to maintain it for three years on top of any jail time or license suspension that they receive. Repeat offenders are treated the same in North Dakota, with the second offense warranting a five-year sentence, followed by ten, twenty, and finally a permanent sentence. In many cases, repeat offenders convicted of DUI will have their licenses revoked and still be forced to pay for the SR22 insurance.

North Dakota offers methods of relieving the financial strain that SR22 insurance can have on individuals who are on a budget. If you are issued an SR22 mandate, then you can contact the DMV in regard to classes. Driving classes can lower your rates by up to ten percent. There are also loans specifically for those who are issued with an SR22 mandate.