Ohio SR22 Insurance

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Ohio SR22 bond/SR22 insurance info:

An SR22 bond is insurance for drivers that are considered “high risk”.  Some drivers are required by the state of Ohio to carry SR22 insurance due to a previous D.U.I. charge, or getting caught driving with no insurance.  Once the state requirement have been met, you must hold the insurance for no less three years.  In most cases, if you don’t keep up the payments it will lapses and the insurance company will inform the DMV and your driver’s license will be revoked immediately.

An SR22 is a minimum liability insurance which means that it will pay the limited amount of damages and personal injury due to the other party in the event of an accident.  This insurance is required to be in the driver’s name only and will not cover any of their personal damages to their own vehicle.

An SR22 can sometimes be difficult to obtain.  The person required to have it must apply with an insurance company and can sometimes only obtain this insurance through a high risk company, which means it will be more costly to have.  Once the insurance has been established, the insurance company will send the DMV the bond filings and they are usually filed within 24 hours of acceptance.  An SR22 bond in Ohio may be difficult to obtain, but is not completely impossible.

If the driver is not able to obtain an SR22 bond on his own and is turned down by various insurance agencies, he has the choice of joining the state risk pool.  This pool consists of drivers who are considered to be extremely high risk and the driver is assigned to an insurance company.  The insurance company guarantees that they will cover the driver, but it will come at a very high cost.