Oklahoma SR22 Insurance

Most people can remember when they received their first license to drive a car. It can be an exciting experience and provide a clear sense of independence. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction can be the complete opposite. A DUI can turn your world over on its head.

Even though Oklahoma does not require drivers to carry SR22 insurance you are still usually required to carry an SR22 if you have moved from a state that you were previously required to carry an SR22. This is because you must still meet the requirements legally mandated by your former state.

Under title 47 in Oklahoma state, a DUI may incorporate a few contrasting drunk driving violations, such as DUI, DWI and an additional charge pertaining to “actual physical control or APC. Driving drunk on Oklahoma streets has serious ramifications. Individuals charged with a DUI meet harsh penalties including substantial fees and the lost of their exclusive right to operate a motor vehicle.

If a person demonstrates hazardous driving, which may involve automobile accidents, has no proof of insurance, or is facing charges of a DUI, then the person could face serious consequences. Oklahoma has strict laws that stipulate one cannot drive without current auto liability insurance. This mandate applies to all drivers who operate automotive vehicles on the roads of the State of Oklahoma. Anyone in violation of this law risk considerable fines and leastwise 30 days jail time. Moreover, they will lose their privilege to drive an automotive vehicle.

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