Pennsylvania SR22 Insurance

Even though Pennsylvania does not require drivers to carry SR22 insurance you are still usually required to carry an SR22 if you have moved from a state that you were previously required to carry an SR22. This is because you must still meet the requirements legally mandated by your former state.

SR22 insurance is a specialized insurance for a person who has had his/her license revoked or suspended for any reason, was in an accident and did not pay the full amount for the damage done, or for some other reason has mandatory insurance regulations. SR22 insurance is required in order for his/her license to be reinstated.

SR22 insurance states that the insurance company understands that the insured is a high risk driver but, that he/she is still covered by the insurance company should any problems occur. It also states that the insured has the minimum state requirements for insurance coverage. In Pennsylvania, the law requires 15,000 bodily injury for one person, 30,000 bodily injury for one accident and 5,000 property damage for others.

SR22 insurance is typically required for three years after a conviction. The policy must be filed by an insurance company that is approved by the state to file SR22 insurance. The company must have close communication with the DMV concerning the high risk drive. If the insured lapses on payment of the policy, or is at any point not covered by the SR22 insurance, the DMV will be notified by the insurance company and the insured’s license will again be revoked or suspended immediately.

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