Can’t Afford SR22 Insurance? Here Are Some Alternatives

We realize that the cost of an SR22 insurance policy may range anywhere from “painfully expensive” to “outright unaffordable,” and possibly even unfair in some cases (who ever said the justice system was perfect?).

In some cases, not having transportation would make it impossible to keep a job, or other important situation.

The first step is to make sure you have checked out guide on how to save on your SR22 insurance policy in general.

Of course, SR22’s are not permanent, so always stay hopeful!

We hope to provide some useful tips here, just in case you may have missed one:

    1. Public Transportation (and/or bicycle option): No, it’s definitely not the preferred choice for most, but it’s viable in many areas of the USA. If a bus stop is a bit aways, sometimes riding a bike, or even hitching a ride with a friend/coworker could fit the bill.
    2. Walking: It may even provide health benefits.
    3. Riding a bike: Bikes don’t have to be expensive either as sometimes you can pick up a decent one second-hand. Even motorized bikes are starting to become more practical.
    4. Carpooling: Ask around at work.
    5. Ask for rides from friends/family: No one likes to be a bother, but a good friend is likely to help you out in such a time.
    6. Combination of the above: Perhaps on Mondays, you take a bike to the local carpool meetup area, and on Tues, you catch a ride from your friend to the bus stop.

Obviously, we don’t need to tell you that you should shop around for sr22 insurance quotes from multiple companies. In fact, we would recommend checking every few months considering the potential cost/savings.

If you would like to add to this list feel free to leave a comment.

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