Vermont SR22 Insurance

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In Vermont, an SR22 certificate is used to protect its citizens from problematic drivers, by keeping track of their auto insurance validity.  Vermont does not maintain any correspondence with the driver, but requires that they be responsible and maintain the minimum insurance liability required by law on their vehicles.  The SR22 is often called the certificate of financial responsibility, and the driver required to have one, must file for it through his insurance company.

Three types of SR22 exist:

• The certificate that proves financial responsibility and covers the vehicle that is not owned by the driver.
• The certificate that proves financial responsibility and covers the vehicle that is owned by the driver.
• The certificate that proves financial responsibility and covers all vehicles that may or may not be owned by the driver.

The SR22 is required:

• If a driver was found driving or allowing a uninsured vehicle to be driven.
• If a driver had been convicted of carelessly operating a vehicle, or of reckless driving that resulted in the death of a person.
• If a driver was found driving a vehicle without permission of the vehicle’s owner.
• If a driver was caught driving with a revoked, suspended license or without a license at all.
• If a driver already had at least five points on his driving record and then he was charged with another moving violation.

To file an SR22 in Vermont:

• The driver must put in a request at a state licensed auto insurance company.
• Pay the processing fee determined by the company. These fees will vary by company, so the driver is well advised to shop around for the best quotes.
• Per state laws, the driver must obtain at least the minimum liability coverage required by law.  That minimum coverage for one person injured or killed is $25,000, for two persons injured or killed is $50,000 and for property damage is $10,000.
• When the state receives the SR22 from the insurance company, it will forward it to the Motor Vehicles department’s Commissioner within 30 days.
• If and when it is accepted, the driver will then get the SR22 from the insurance company, along with the official Commissioner’s letter.
• The driver is obligated by the law, to maintain the SR22 insurance policy for at least three years. It is his responsibility to renew the certificate no later than 15 days prior to the expiration of the certificate. If he fails to do so, the insurance company will notify the state; his driver’s license will be suspended, until such time as the driver reinstates it.

Finally, the SR22 of a driver from another state will be accepted as financial responsibility, as long as his or her insurance company, in writing, certifies that the policy in force meets the requirements of Vermont state laws.