Washington DC SR22 Insurance

In the state of Washington DC, SR22 insurance companies offer individuals coverage for people who would otherwise not be able to obtain automobile coverage due to risky driving behavior, including DUI, DWI, and even multiple accidents. Though this may be a more expensive alternative than regular auto insurance, it may be the only option for those drivers that are labeled high risk.

In the district of Columbia, you may be required to file an SR22 form. It is at this point that the state will require you to carry minimum liability. The SR22 form is an addition to your automobile insurance that shows you as being financially responsible to the state. Canceling the policy before it’s time is up is not a good idea because the district of Columbia will be notified if you do and it can result in additional fines, and penalties.

There is a small fee for the district of Columbia SR22 insurance form to be filed, but the big change comes when your insurance company reevaluates your rates with a DUI on file. If you find that your insurance rates have skyrocketed, your only options may be a bit drastic to cut costs. Cutting back your coverage to liability only, will decrease your monthly payments. If the bank still owns your car, you may not have this option. It is at this point that you may consider selling your vehicle, and buying a used car outright so that you can reduce your coverage to liability only.

In Washington DC, SR22 Insurance is required by those who have been convicted of drunk driving. For first-time offenders, drunk driving conviction in the district of Columbia could mean a maximum of 90 days in jail, a fine anywhere from $300-$1000, and a suspension of license of six months.

If you have been labeled as a risky driver in the district of Columbia, and are now required to fill out an SR22 insurance form, it is at this point that you may want to shop around and get quotes from different companies since they all have different prices. It may be a good idea to simply use our quotes form above to see what your options are.