Wisconsin SR22 Insurance

An SR22 insurance policy is a financial agreement between the driver and the insurance company. This agreement will prove that the driver has signed a binding contract that will obligate them to pay for their insurance for the future. This allows the state of Wisconsin to protect its insured drivers by issuing a SR22 insurance mandate to drivers who are uninsured or incur various traffic violations. Policies aren’t as costly as liability coverage, but it will still cost an average of five hundred dollars a year. Maintaining the policy throughout its entire demanded duration is very important. Failure to file the proper forms with the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles will result in various fines and a possible suspension of the driver’s license.

First time offenders are issued with a three-year policy. This goes for all offenses, as it motivates most drivers to become permanently insured. Second time offenders will receive a five-year sentence. For each offense after that, the sentence is doubled. As with many other states, Wisconsin SR22 insurance policies carry more strict limitations for drivers who have been convicted of DUI. These drivers will often have higher rates and will be required to serve any SR-22 sentence on top of any jail time incurred. Anyone who requires an SR-22 policy can file their certificates online, so the process is much more efficient. This makes it easier for drivers with an SR-22 to file, which will result in less missed deadlines.

It is required that insured drivers have a liability coverage of up to one hundred thousand dollars. This amount is relatively higher than most states, which means that several drivers who are forced into getting a policy will have to switch to one of the larger insurance companies, if they have a small provider. An SR22 insurance policy mandate can be extended by the Wisconsin DMV should they see fit. Any violations during the SR-22 probation can result in a sentence extension as well as the insurance company dropping the offender. This can happen from the driver becoming too much of a liability by continually being involved in accidents or traffic violations. If an insurer drop the offender, the policy will rarely carry over to another company, resulting in the renewal of the sentence.