Rhode Island SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is mandatory for drivers who have had the unfortunate experience of being convicted of a drunk driving and have had a DUI offense. SR22 auto insurance is a type of high risk auto insurance policy issued by an insurance provider that reassures and warranties the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles that the policy holder, as required by the state law, has the minimum insurance coverage. This is possible through the filing that the insurance company reports to the state on your behalf.

In most DUI cases, from the date your driving privileges are restored you are required to maintain SR22 insurance in Rhode Island. In most cases you’re required to keep an SR22 on file with the state for a minimum of three three years. The Rhode Island DMV will not reinstate a driver’s license without the right car insurance on file. So choosing the right insurance company is critical in maintaining your driving privileges.

The filing is in essence merely a form (form SR22). Your selected insurance provider will fill out and send this form to the DMV. In many cases this form can be filed electronically to speed up receipt of your restored driver’s license so you can get back on the road.

If you are obligated to carry an SR22 auto insurance policy you may find the process of getting this type of insurance a bit complicated. Some insurance providers might take advantage of your circumstances and the confusion that persists with attaining this type of insurance. They will prey on your situation and try to profit from your confusion and other concerns. To help you protect your pocket and get you back on the road and back to life quickly there is a set of guidelines to follow when choosing and shopping for a policy.

First you should fill out as and compare as many free quotes as possible. There should never be a commitment or fee to get a quote and find out the price of your policy. It’s in your best concern to get as many offers as possible before picking a particular provider.

Make sure you don’t just select your new auto insurance policy based on the price. Review your potential policy thoroughly with more in mind than just the price. There are other vital elements to consider with SR22 insurance policies. The terms, conditions, coverage amounts, and down payment are all factors to keep in mind.