Indiana SR22 Insurance

High risk drivers that have had their license taken away are often times asked to obtain SR22 insurance before their license can be reinstated.  This situation usually comes after to many moving violation in a short period of time, or those that have been convicted of drunk driving.  If you live in the state of Indiana, and have been asked to obtain SR22 insurance then you are required to submit an SR22 form to your current auto insurance company.  Once the company receives proof that you have acquired the necessary form, they will then send a copy of the certificate to the local DMV, allowing you to regain driving privileges.

Submitting an SR22 form will require a small fee.  This fee is not substantial, the real cost will be with your regular insurance company.  Once you have been perceived as a high risk driver, your premiums will be reevaluated and raised.  Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this.  The best thing that you can do is fill out our quotes form to get the best possible rate.

Shopping around for Indiana SR22 insurance is the same as shopping for regular insurance.  You simply need to do a search on the Internet, and apply for quotes on a reputable site , such as ours.  The policy is actually an addition to your regular auto insurance.  It is also worth mentioning, that not all companies will insure a motorist who is considered to be “high risk”.

Indiana law requires you to maintain the coverage for a period of three years.  During this three-year period, you must maintain this coverage.  If you do not, be assured that your automobile insurance company will inform your local DMV if it has been canceled.

Punishments or penalties under DUI laws can be very serious which can range from higher financial penalty, driving license suspension to few months of imprisonment.  To avoid this, you will have to present a valid proof of minimum liability coverage to local DMV authorities.  Once DMV authorities receive the proof of the necessary policy from your vehicle insurance company then they can quickly approve your driving license revocation request.

But most of the times, it happens that vehicle insurance companies in Indiana take too much time to screen and approve the DUI case related candidates. There is usually higher risks for companies while providing SR22 insurance policy to such candidates.  That is why these companies do not approve the insurance straightaway.