Maine SR22 Insurance

Maine SR22 Insurance Laws apply to any person who has had a motor vehicle violation for driving after suspension, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or has had an accident and was either driving while intoxicated or did not have a valid driver’s license when the accident occurred. On place where people will be asked if they have to file an SR22 will be at their local town municipal office or at DMV, when they are registering a vehicle. An auto insurance company will also ask a person this question when they are applying for insurance for their auto.

An SR22 is mandatory whenever a person has been convicted of one of the driving violations listed above. The proper insurance is required to be shown prior to a vehicle being registered. If a person goes out of state to work, he or she will have to obtain insurance from a company who is certified for the sale of insurance. Once a person who has been mandated to file an Sr22 obtains insurance for their vehicle, their insurance company forwards this information to the state Department of Motor Vehicle where the insured motorist lives in or has to show proof of insurance to.

In Maine, SR22 insurance usually needs to be maintained for three years after the conviction date. If an insured motorist misses insurance payments and their insurance gets terminated by the insurance company, their insurance company will forward a from titled SR26 to the Department of Motor Vehicle and this form states that the person required to file has failed to do so. Failure to comply with this filing can result in loss of license and registration of a vehicle for a time specified by DMV.