Wyoming SR22 Insurance

When a driver is convicted in a State of Wyoming court of reckless driving, driving under the influence (DUI), driving without liability insurance, causing a traffic accident, or is involved in a traffic accident without an active minimum liability insurance policy, that person’s driver’s license is suspended until an SR22 insurance form has been filed with the Department of Transportation.

Wyoming Statute 31-9-401 requires that proof of financial responsibility is mandatory for certain violations or actions, including the operation of a motor vehicle. There are no exceptions to this rule, and no one is eligible for limited driving privileges as in an “only from home to work or school and then back home” type of plea argument.

The convicted or cited driver must purchase SR22 insurance from an insurance company which will then forward the SR-22 certificate to the Wyoming Department Of Transportation. The driver will then be issued a Probationary Driver’s License. The driver will not be able to maintain his or her vehicle’s registration without proof of SR-22 liability insurance.

This SR-22 Proof of Responsibility must be kept current and in force for a minimum of three years from the start date of the Probationary Driver’s License or standard drivers license reinstatement. During this period, the insurance company which filed the SR-22 certificate on the driver’s behalf must notify the Wyoming DOT when there is a cancellation of the insurance due to non-payment or for any other reason. If the driver does not have an active SR-22 at the time his or her license is supposed to be reinstated, the license will remain suspended.

Obtaining SR22 insurance is usually costly because it is commonly only issued to motorists who have frequent traffic violations. Some insurance companies are wary to insure these types of drivers, so it is sometimes not very easy to find. But it is not impossible, and there are several insurance companies which can offer low cost auto insurance quotes for high risk drivers.

People needing SR22 insurance should shop around for the best price. The fastest way to find the best insurance offer is to shop for quotes online. There are several SR-22 comparison websites where insurance companies offer their average prices and there are other sites, like this one, that find the best price. The driver insurance must provide personal information and oftentimes details about their violation or conviction in order to obtain an actual quote to fit their needs.