Massachusetts SR22 Insurance

In the state of Massachusetts SR22 insurance is required for three years after a conviction for drunk driving or a suspension of a license for any reason.  If you’re in an accident or pulled over without the proper liability insurance can result in a re-suspension of your license, fines or even jail time.  Different providers charge different rates for this kind of insurance and finding a plan you can afford can be difficult.  Once your license it removed you must be covered by an SR22 in order to legally start driving again.  The process is simple if you know where to find the information.

The best place to start looking for your SR22 insurance is online, and the best place on the web is right here.  Massachusetts poses somewhat of an obstacle for your online search as the state has some of the strictest insurance regulations in the United States.  The biggest insurance provider in the state is Liberty Mutual and their website includes a wealth of information about obtaining your all the necessary forms and plan.  However, if you’d like to shop around before deciding on a company or plan, insurance broker websites can assist you.  If you don’t want to spend all day shopping tons of individual auto insurance sites then just fill out our quotes form at the top of the page and we will find you the best rate in the state.

The cost for a new SR22 insurance policy in the state of Massachusetts can be expensive.  Even once you’ve done the research and compared different companies you should still be prepared for the increase in price.  This is one of the most expensive states to have this insurance in.  The usual rules for choosing the right plan for your budget.  Take into consideration both the deductible and premium involved with the plan as well as what is covered in the event of an accident.

The agent assigned to you when you choose a provider will be invaluable.  Take advantage of the resources they represent.  Your agent will provide you with all of your paperwork and address any questions or concerns you have about your coverage.  In order to complete the filing of your new policy your insurance agent will need copies of some vital information.  When you go to sign the final paperwork be sure to bring your driver’s license and any paperwork on your suspension, court records, and police reports.  These need to be filed with your paperwork.

Any person who has a DUI conviction on their record is the type of person who must secure an SR22 policy.  The DUI conviction is a fairly big deal so it should make sense to a person why they would have to buy a special kind of insurance for at risk drivers. Any person who is filing their SR22 paperwork should bring any relevant documents to the process.  An insurance agent is someone who can let you know about the importance of bringing different court records to the document signing so your agent can see exactly how many times your license has been suspended.

Massachusetts state regulations requires you to carry eight thousand dollars worth of insurance per injured person in an accident.  Auto Insurance companies understands these regulations and they realize that some very capable drivers can end up spending a lot of time out on the freeway and still end up in an accident or have an issue with drinking and driving.

people who have a bad habit of getting speeding tickets may end up having to purchase a new policy due to their risky behavior.  The process of buying high risk insurance is not ideal because the premiums will be much higher, but the truth of the matter is that the process can be much easier to deal with than the loss of a life in a drunken driving accident.

Once you have your plan picked out and your paperwork filed the last step is paying your premium.  Keeping up with premium payments is the best way to stay insured and drive your car with piece of mind.