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If you need SR22 insurance in Missouri and you don’t want to shop at dozens of different auto insurance sites then look no further. By using our one simple Missouri SR22 insurance quotes form our agents can get you multiple quotes from multiple companies and there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

Missouri State requires its auto insurance companies to submit SR22 certificates with the state, for all risky drivers to certify their insurance is still in effect. The drivers do not receive state notifications about their driving status; it is up to the driver and his/her insurance company to maintain the SR22 insurance in Missouri and to update the SR22 form when required.

In Missouri, 3 types of SR22 forms exist:

• The certificate covers the driver’s financial responsibility for any vehicle he may not own.
• The certificate covers the driver’s financial responsibility for any vehicle he owns.
• The certificate covers the driver’s financial responsibility for every vehicle that may not own.

In Missouri the SR22 is required when:

• There are suspensions on his/her driving record; an example is, he was an uninsured driver in an accident, then he later became delinquent on fees charged to him because of the accident.
• A driver had numerous unpaid judgments suspensions.
• A driver was found to be reckless or was convicted of DWI or DUI violations.

In Missouri, filing an SR22 involves the follows:

• The driver calls his/her insurance company and requests an SR22 filing .
• The driver pays the fee required; the processing fees differ quite a bit, so the driver may look around for better deals.
• The driver must buy at least $25,000 coverage per person , and $50,000 coverage for two people , and $10,000 to cover property damage.
• After the insurance company receives his/her request, it is sent to Department of Revenue within 30 days.
• When and if accepted, the driver gets his/her SR22 with a Department of Revenue official letter.
• The driver is required to maintain the SR22 for at least 2 years beginning from the time he was suspended, if that suspension was due to an accident judgment.
• The driver is required to maintain the SR22 for at least 3 years, if his/her license was suspended because of mandatory insurance requirement or because he showed false insurance. If the driver does not renew his/her policy, his/her license will be suspended. The suspension will be lifted once the driver renews his/her SR22 insurance coverage.

For residents from other states, if a driver has a suspended license that was due to accidents in another state, he will have to file an SR22 for 2 years dating from his/her suspension.

Instead of filing the SR22 , Missouri will take bonds of $30,000 and as high as $50,000, from any state-insured insurance and the amount should be deposited with its State Treasury office.

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