Oregon SR22 Insurance

An Oregon SR22 certificate, also known as a certificate of financial responsibility or SR22 insurance, must be filed with the DMV as proof that a driver has active insurance coverage for his vehicle or vehicles.  The driver will have to obtain this certificate from an insurance company licensed in in the state of Oregon.  On the SR22, the insurance company will certify that the driver has purchased the minimum liability coverage required by law.  The mandatory insurance law (ORS 806.010) states that every driver must insure his vehicle and that the minimum liability coverage is as follows:

• Bodily injury & property damage – $25,000 each person, $50,000 every crash for injury to others; and $20,000 every crash for damage to others’ property
• Protection for personal injury – $15,000 per person;
• Coverage for uninsured motorist – $25,000 per person; $50,000 bodily injury per crash

By Oregon law, each time a driver renews his registration, he must certify that he holds the minimum liability required by law.

The SR22 certificate may be required for many reasons, a few of which are:

• The driver was a party to a uninsured accident;
• The driver was convicted of driving his vehicle without insurance;
• The driver could not show proof to the DMV that he had liability insurance;
• The driver was reinstating his driver’s license after a DUI suspension; or
• The driver is applying for a probationary or hardship permit.

By law, the driver is required, to keep the certificate active for three years dating from the end date of the suspension that required it, or for a period of three years plus 33 days from a uninsured conviction date.

If a driver must prove “future responsibility”, he must file an actual SR22 certificate at the DMV and it will be posted with his driving record.  A driver cannot simply show his insurance card as proof.  The insurance card will be required by law, to be present in a vehicle that is operated on Oregon freeways.

The DMV closely monitors compliance with SR22 requirements, and if the insurance lapses, the insurance company by law is required to notify the DMV of that fact and the driver’s license will be suspended.

If a driver purchases SR22 insurance following a suspension, he should be careful not to drive again until he first files the SR22 certificate with the DMV, and gets his driving privileges reinstated again.  The filing is dated the day received by the DMV, during business hours, and only the original document will be accepted.